Does this program works for both genders?

Yes, absolutely. Obviously, results will vary between men and women.

Men can expect better defined, muscular abdominals. That "six pack" look.

Women's abs tend to be "softer". They show less, since women have a naturally higher body fat %. It is unusual for women to develop "washboard" abdominals: ladies, don't be afraid ending-up like a she-hulk.

All the pictures displayed throughout this web site are realistic goals to aim for.

Can I try your program before I buy?

No, but we strongly suggest you sing-up for our bi-monthly Abdominal Development newsletter if you want to get acquainted with our work.

You can do so in the left margin.

By waiting to buy you might, however, miss out on a limited time or quantity promotion.

How much is shipping?

There is no shipping. The whole program (and the bonuses) are downloaded.

Do I need to purchase any specialized equipment?

It's not mandatory, but we recommend you get a Swiss (stability) ball. Only 2 (out of 23) exercises cannot be done without a Swiss ball, but you could adapt them. The work-out will be less demanding, however, and less effective.

How long will it take to see results?

That's a tough one. Notice we didn't use any of the "get results in two weeks or your money back" BS. That's because everyone is different, and will achieve results at a different pace.

You should feel your stomach get tighter after about 2 weeks.

If you're already lean, your abs should become visible after a month of committed training.

Overweight people will strengthen their abs from day one, but will not see them until they lose most of their belly. If you follow the advices and principles found in Nutrition Revolution and The Caloric Balance, you will lose weight at a steady pace. A realistic goal for long-term change is 1% of your body weight per week. You do the math from here on.

As always, if it doesn't work for you, there's our one-year guarantee. You get your money back, no questions asked.

Is the program safe?

Yes, definitely. First, it's progressive (meaning you master easier exercises before attempting the hard ones). Second, it's based on sound scientific principles. Third, it was created by graduated professionals.

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