Best Ab Exercises—What Are the Best Ab Exercises?

Types of Ab Exercises

Ab exercises target the upper and middle abs, lower abs, or side abs. Whatever the area they target, the best ab exercises do one thing other ab exercises donít: theyíre so hard you canít execute them more than 12 to 15 times in a row. Following are the best ab exercises for the upper and middle abs, lower abs, and side abs.

Best Upper and Middle Ab Exercises

Remember: the best ab exercises are very hard. The best upper and middle ab exercise is the Roman Chair Crunch. Itís the first I demonstrate in this video (the quality is not-so-good at first, sorry about that):

Best Lower Ab Exercises

The best lower ab exercise is, without a doubt, the Dragon Flag. It requires tremendous core strength and was popularized by Bruce Lee.

Dragon Flag best lower ab exercise

Itís the second ab exercise I demonstrate in the video above.

Best Side Ab Exercises

The best side ab exercise is the Full Contact Twist. This side ab exercise is used by boxers and other fighters to improve punching power by coordinating the side abs with the shoulders and the arms.

Itís the third ab exercise I demonstrate in the video above.

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