Carl Juneau

Well, if you're on this page, chances are, you want to know more about me. Sales pitch aside, I (really) am passionate about physical exercise, especially weightlifting. I also enjoy reading (mostly on leadership and personal development), studying (currently Health Promotion), and spending quality time with friends. Things I am proud of include:
  • A top 5 finish among my cohort at the B.Sc in Exercise Sciences.

  • A 355-pound Half-Squat (4 reps).

  • Planning, writing, coding, and managing this website and its products.

  • Having contributed to 3 scientific papers.
Enough for now. You're welcome to e-mail me.

David Gauthier

In 1992, at age 14, after reading my first university level medical book "Training Manual" (by Jürgen Weineck), I decided to train my body and my mind at my full potential.

I won different honors in different sports:
  • MVP basketball - high school second and third grade.

  • MVP football - Bantam and Midget.

  • Top five runner - National cross country championship
At age 19, I was the captain of a college football team. At that time, my best lifting record, when the coaching staff was testing my physical strength for one maximal repetition:
  • 800 pounds at the squat

  • 350 pounds at the bench press

  • 405 pounds at the power clean

  • 4.6 sec at the 40 yards dash (my weight was 249 lbs.)
After my football experience, I completed a bachelor’s degree in sport exercise with an average rate of "A".

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